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About Me

I have had a passion for cars for as long as I can remember (my parents even telling me my first word was "Car") & owned many enjoyable cars myself over the years from Mazda MX5s to Porsches & TVRs, among many other marques. I found that with this love of cars I got through more cars in a year than some people own in a lifetime.

Working in IT most of my life I've always yearned to one day work with my passion & so when that day presented itself, I took it by the horns & decided to set up EVO Motors.
I'm not a believer in cars being just a means to get you from A to B, it's what happens in the middle that counts to me, that enjoyment you get from driving for driving's sake, be it on a cold winter's morning on a twisting country lane with the roof down & the heater turned up to max, giving it some beans on a hot summer's day on an empty mountain pass in the Alps, or the satisfaction of a few hot laps hitting all those apexes on a race circuit at a track day event.
Mark Bolwell  

If you share these views then maybe EVO Motors is where you will find your next car to "Enjoy the Drive!"

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